Here’s the Difference Between a Silver Alert and an Amber Alert

When the West Haven Police issued an Amber Alert this morning for a missing 13 year-old-girl,they soon changed it to a Silver Alert. Here’s why. State Trooper Kelly Grant states, “When we say Amber Alert that absolutely should make everyone jump out of their seat and say what in the world is going on and this is something need to pay attention to. Amber Alert is when we have an abduction. The key word is ABDUCTION.” An Amber Alert has to be issued by a Federal criteria… it can not be issued by town police, only state police after it meets the proper points. A Silver Alert, on the other hand, is set by the person who is missing and the criteria that person meets. A Silver Alert can pertain to a missing child under 18 years old, a missing person between 18 and 65 years old who has mental health issues or someone who is over 65. [The missing girl was found that day, in case anyone was concerned].

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